Data Security

Data Security

We take security very seriously and so do your current customers. Generally I would say that many companies are concerned about having data in the cloud when we initiate talks. However, they also understand that cloud is the future and the cloud provides a lot of possibilities for optimizations.


When we meet concerns we often try to keep it practical. Not just the cloud is good or bad. We usually ask about specific concerns so customers understand that our solution is most often more secure than having data on private servers. So I would recommend that you ask specifically what concerns they have. E.g. Who has access to data? What happens if the data center burns downs? Is the data encrypted? To get you started I have included some points below.


  • You own your data. We are NOT allowed to sell data to advertisers or other third parties. You can read our terms here
  • We have end-to-end encryption between our servers and client computers or mobile devices.
    • Often security is breached through physical access to machines which is very difficult since our servers are located in a well known data-centers, where security is extremely high.
  • Our server are located in a major European country.
  • We have automated backups of data on separate storage servers so we can recover data if anything is corrupted.
  • We are required by law to inform affected clients of any data breaches. (never happened so far)
  • It is critical for us to make sure data is protected and recoverable.
  • If you have any specific concerns let us know and we will get you an answer ASAP.
  • References

We have passed security audit at EnerginetDK. This is the Danish government company that owns and maintains all power line transmission infrastructure above 60k volt in Denmark. They use Scopito to document all their drone inspections along with helicopter and ground inspections.

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