Scopito Free Trial Sign-up Tutorial

Beginning your Free Trial


To begin your free trial, please go to:!#pricing-section and scroll down just a bit and you will see the link for the free trial sign-up. You may also choose to go directly to our registration page found here: Once at this location, you place your respective information as prompted, if you do not have a Referral Code - thats OK. Select accept terms and use agreement (please feel free to read over our terms and use). Once you have entered all required information, Press sign-up and we will send you and automated email with your temporary password. Once you sign in, go to the bottom of the page on your right hand side of the screen and select "Add Demo". You will be given the option to select any of the 5 respective inspections up to 250 images. If you meet the image capacity, feel free to delete the inspection and add your content or another demo's content. The free trial is valid for 14 days. Thank you!


Curtis Marshall